Chantel Jeffries Sexiest Pics of March 2014

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Okay so here’s a big secret. We loooove and adore Chantel Jeffries so much here, that we have actually found what we believe to be her best pics for March 2014. So much has happened this month from Chantel dating Justin Beiber, to being stalked and harassed by Justin Beiber fans. But its all taken in stride. Let’s enjoying our beauty queen, Here’s to you Queen Chantel, Enjoy!

Chantel Jeffries Sexy Booty Pics


Chantel Jeffries is hot, if you dont know her, check out her instagram and you will see why she’s one of the hottest urban models on the scene right now. Between her and Draya Michele, a well known VH1 actress and model, they are the two hottest beauties in urban modeling.

Chantel took a lot of gorgeous pics in January, so enjoy our photo collaboration of her best pics.

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